Building The Right Fence In The Louisiana Delta! – Guest Interview

We sat down with Jim Dawton, owner and just one of the many staff over at Fence Talk, to talk a little about fencing construction in the Louisiana Delta. Below are some of the great excerpts from our interview with Jim.

Mr. Dawton holds a Bachelors in Construction Management from USC. He has owned and operated Fence Talk for over the past decade.

Interview Excerpt

Us: Why did you decide to get in the fencing business?

Jim: I was born in it. I was helping put up fences when I was a kid. It just seemed natural to stay doing what I loved. If you do what you love, it doesn’t feel like work. Time flies on big projects. I get so involved in  a big sporting fence project, or even a large preservation fence that the project goes so quick. I have built them all.

Us: You said you have build them all? What do you mean specifically?

Jim: I have literally built near all types of fence types. If well thought out and planned, you can build anything. We have built tennis courts, baseball and softball fields, schools, high and maximum security facilities, oil field security fence, pool fence, livestock fence………….and plenty more. I love doing any type fence really.

Us: Any advice you can give to a homeowner that may be planning to secure their property with some sort of fence?

Jim: Yes. Do your research. Now a days we have a vast collection of information on the internet. Read up on the different types of fences. What they do. What purpose does each type of fence serve. Is it safe to use? Some fence is only suitable for use around certain areas. Improper fence types may cause harm to people or animals, this includes livestock.

Along with that, the second most important is making sure you hire a properly licensed and insured fence installer or fence company. I cannot stress how wrong a project can go when you use a handyman, or low budget contractor to construct your fence. You get what you pay for folks. And yes, a fence can be built incorrectly and 100% of the time it results in an eventual failure and in need of replacement. Really costing you more.

Throughout most of the interview we had went way off subject talking about hunting, camping, and other outdoor activities that we all seemed to enjoy talking about. But needless to say some great informational advice on fence contractors and companies. Choosing your fence contractor may be the difficult part. With some good research and some great planning you can have your fence project looking great and lasting a lifetime.

We would like to thank Johnny Phillips at Delta Specialty Contractors for taking the time to chat with us over the phone. He has offered to answer any fence project questions anyone may have.

You can reach them at Fence Talk. You can find plenty of research material on their website on fences, chain link, security fencing, aluminum fence, game fence, and plenty others.



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